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As we get closer to the release of Inquisition, I know all of you are excited and all that, but PLEASE remember to tag your posts.  Some of us want to make it a new experience and not know who’s a companion or a love interest and all that.  That’s what made Origins original, remember?

"What?  The giant guy in the cage is a companion?  Oh, I didn’t know that!"

"Who’s the red-haired chick in your party?"  "That’s Leliana."  "Who’s that?  Where do you get her?"  "She was in the tavern in Lothering."  "….There’s a tavern in Lothering?  I didn’t know that!"

"What’s with the statue in your camp?"  "That’s Shale.  You get [him] through DLC, and [he]’s sassy as FUCK."  "Really?  Which DLC?  I have to download that one!"

Remember?  That’s what made it interesting.  So please remember to tag your posts—ALL your posts—that have to do with Inquisition with either the game title or at the very least as spoilers.  Thank you!

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