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Five Random Facts


Because I was tagged by be-boheme.  Lord I hate these… I’m not interesting!  Really!  But, here we go…

1. I have a Masters in History, concentration in Public History (translation: museums)… thus the username.  My master’s thesis was on the American War of Independence, which is why there will be more of those posts on it.  It’s my first love, though there’s a lot of eras I enjoy learning about.

2. I’m writing a historical fiction/fantasy novel with cherries-and-creme… which isn’t news to anyone who follows my inspiration blog.  There will be also be an art book that goes with it, with drawings by Scarlet… including this one:


… Did I mention her commissions are still open?

3. I wrote an epic-length fanfiction for Dragon Age Origins called Shifting Paradigms… 50 chapters, including epilogue — 692 pages.  It’s a good read, if I do say so myself… available at my deviantart or at my Dragon Age blog.

4. I teach.  And I hate it.

5. I really don’t like tagging people on these… I feel like if you want to do them you can, but I don’t want to pressure you.  I also don’t think I’m that interesting, which is why these seem a bit boring.  Sorry about that.

So… there ya go.  There’s my five.

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